Code of Conduct

& Online Safety


  • Do not include class schedules.

  • No one in our program should be sending or receiving obscene material. 

  • No one should be requesting or sending photos.

  • No one should be requesting or sending personal information to include last names, location, emails, phone numbers, or social blades.

  • Username on our website should be FirstNameMajor. For example RebeccaAccounting

  • No hurtful or derogatory language shall be used to embarrass or bully another person.

  • No one should create a fake profile to contact you. You are only to communicate with your assigned mentee. 

  • If any of the above is experienced, Don’t Respond, Report. Keep all records of contact for investigative purposes and report on our website under the “Reporting” tab. Your safety in our program is our top priority. 

  • We monitor all conversations on our website. Members are the only ones able to view and engage in discussions. We approve website members.


  • Create a strong password when registering as a member of our website. This includes at least ten characters with symbols, upper and lowercase in a random order. Your password should not include personal information or words. An example of a good password is: #sV%qlr&ab

  • Strong passwords can prevent someone from stealing your password. 

Wifi Hotspots:

  • Be cautious of selecting “Free Wi-Fi” or “Public Wi-Fi” names. This could be cybercriminals.

  • Disable automatic connections to Wi-Fi in your settings.

  • Disable File/Printer Sharing in your Network Settings. 

  • Never leave devices unattended and be aware of people looking over you to see your devices. 

  • Update mobile or tablet software to increase security and have anti-virus software on your computer or laptops. 

  • Avoid downloading free ringtones or free offers.

  • Never view finances or other personal information over public Wi-Fi.


 To Report an incident or inappropriate behavior, please visit the "Report" page. Your safety is most important to us. 


You may download a PDF version of this information.